Effortlessly, let people know they owe you something. (We nag, they deliver.)
Take the nagging out of being a nag.
We do the harassingSimply tell us who owes you what and we'll take care of letting them know what's up. Pretty damn frequently. Until they get that thing done.
Track what you're owedWatch the list grow as your lazy roommate swears to pay you back "soon". Call him out when you see he read his Badger notifications.
See what others wantStop being the Kramer of your group. Keep an eye on what you owe other folks and let them know it's been done. Simple as that. (No awkward hellos in the hallway.)
Earn Badger BucksNot convinced yet? Good thing we give you the worlds best currency. Earn Badger Bucks by tasking new friends and completing tasks. Spend them on magical features that will make your friends & colleagues hurry up.
Turn up the heatGraphic designer designing a bit too slow? Use your Badger Bucks to increase the frequency in which we drop bombs of goodness into their inbox.
Get sassy, throw shadePerhaps our professional notifications aren't convincing your ex-girlfriend to return your jacket. Use them Badger Bucks to turn their Badger notifications to GIF-filled, fitting emails that tell her how you really feel.
Free to start. $5/mo for the good stuff.
Request early access and share with your friends to get Badger premium free for life!
Watch us build Badger, live.
We're streaming the development of our business live to you. We're a software startup, not a consultancy or agency—so everything you're seeing, we're building for the company—not for clients. This stream will cover the design and software development of a large scale web application. Including the development of supporting marketing sites.